A community venture serving North Norfolk in partnership with the NHS

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Wells Community Hospital Trust

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Wells Community Hospital Open Day

Wells Hospital, which has recently celebrated its 100th birthday, is run by a Charitable Trust on behalf of the community it serves. It is registered as an independent hospital with the Care Quality Commission.

The Charitable Trust was formed in August 2006 ( initially as Wells Hospital and Hospice Trust) to take over the freehold of the land and buildings from the NHS. Initially it ran the hospital under license. During 2006 - 2008 the operating company Wells Community Hospital Management Ltd (WHCM) had taken over the running of the hospital, leaving the Trust as Landlord and Fundraiser. In the early days the Trust funded the running of the hospital (£350,000 in the first 2 years of business).

The Trust is a registered charity with a maximum of ten trustees. The operating company WCHM was wound up during 2010 with it's role and responsibilities taken over by the Trust. We are a social enterprise, with any profits being returned to the enterprise for the benefit of that community. To mark the reorganisation, and to better reflect the activities in which we are engaged the Trust has been renamed Wells Community Hospital Trust.

You can read our last CQC Inspection report here.

We host an NHS physio department, an NHS dentist, various NHS and private clinics and some community activities and support groups.

Our Mermaid Dialysis Centre gives dialysis patients the opportunity to holiday on the North Norfolk coast and have treatment by the seaside in one of the most picturesque settings of any dialysis centre in the UK. (see below).

Lottery funded