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A brief history of Wells Hospital

You can see some historic pictures of the opening of the original hospital in 1910 in our Gallery area.

1910 Wells Cottage Hospital built by the estate of the Earl of Leicester supplying all the health needs of the community including major surgery.
1948 Wells Hospital absorbed into the NHS on its formation together with most independent hospitals in the UK. Inpatient intermediate care unit with up to 15 beds staffed by NHS nurses and GPs.
2004 Hospital inpatient beds closed by NHS although physiotherapy continues. An immediate campaign 'Save Wells Hospital' begins.
2006 Following an NHS public consultation, the task of developing Wells Hospital 'with beds' is awarded to Wells Hospital and Hospice Charitable Trust. (WHHT)
2006 September 1st Wells Community Hospital, operated by the Trust under license, opens with a wide spectrum of ambulatory services.
2006 Operating company is formed (now Wells Hospital Management Limited) as a CLG and social enterprise. Directors appointed from the local community. A business plan for a hospital with beds is written and submitted to PCT with request for Community Hospital Fund support.
2007 - 2008 NHS services sought for hospital - partnership slowed by reorganisation of NHS Norfolk.
2007 WCH highly commended in East of England Health and Social Care awards for collaborative work with Queen Elizabeth Kings Lynn Hospital.
2008 Strategic Health Authority support won for project team to work towards conclusion of original aims.
2009 Spring Project team and Wells Hospital to report to NHS Norfolk medical executive and Board.
2010 March Outline Business Case accepted by NHS Medical Executive and Board, (Mermaid Appeal) begins.

Freehold of hospital land and buildings transferred to WCH Charitable Trust.
2011 July Mermaid Unit for Kidney dialysis opens.