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Strategic Plan

The freehold of the property and land was passed to us by the NHS in 2011, they have entrusted us with developing with them a broad based programme of health and social care for the area around Wells-next-the-Sea and the North Norfolk Coast. Our commitment is to bring high quality health and social care closer to home, making it possible for everyone in the area to maintain independence and a good quality of life and to reduce their dependence on acute hospital admissions. Everyone is welcome to visit us and learn about our plans for developing services that the community needs and to see what has been achieved over the last 5 years. Our strategic plan is as follows.


“Providing a not for profit Community Hospital for Local People”


To ensure the provision of the broadest possible range of sustainable health and social care services for the local community of Wells and surrounding area.


  • Seen to make a difference
  • Quality and credibility
  • Friendly and local
  • Community ownership
  • Partnerships
  • Dignity

Key Objectives:

  1. Financial Sustainability - Produce a short term and longer term strategy to ensure our financial sustainability.
  2. Develop the Mermaid Centre - Develop a holiday renal dialysis unit at the hospital and to eventually offer the service to local people.
  3. Outpatient Services - To develop a broad selection of outpatient services for local people
  4. Community Beds - To build a health care complex that can offer, nursing care, respite care, end of life care, dementia care and other support services to local people.
  5. National, Regional and Local Strategy - To be aware of, and included in, the development of Health and Social Care strategy.
  6. Governance and Compliance - To develop professional governance and management committees who skilled and active enough to formulate and deliver our strategies.