A community venture serving North Norfolk in partnership with the NHS

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What would we do without our volunteers?

Without the fantastic team of 'Wonderful Volunteers' we couldn't achieve much at all.

Thanks so much our wonderful volunteer team that have supported us over the years and that still continue to do so, your help and assistance has helped to keep the doors of our precious hospital open. 

Volunteers help us in so many ways:

  • Serve on a Sub committee if you think you can help?
  • Work on our reception desk
  • Answer telephone calls and enquiries
  • Organise and put on events for us
  • Attend events and represent the charity
  • Undertake a challenge or fundraising initiative 
  • Help in our gardens
  • Help us with fundraising initiatives such as calendars and mechandise
  • Cook and bake for events
  • Make / manufacture / design items that we can sell 
  • Help promote our lottery
  • Look to set up retail outlets for the charity (shops)
  • Help with grant applications and contacts that might be able to help the charity
  • ................or just give us your support. It all helps
To find out more call us on 01328 711996 or email us admin@wellshospital.org.uk