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Providing health & wellbeing services in your community

Providing health & wellbeing services in your community

Life Coaching & NLP

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Lisa Belverstone, BSc Psychology, NLP Practitioner. I specialise in Life Coaching, Business Management, Self Help Therapy & Mental Health & Counselling. What is NLP used for? Neuro-Linguistic Programming is used in many, many more situations which are not therapeutic in nature. For example, top sportsmen and sportswomen use NLP techniques to enhance sporting performance. IT is also used in businesses to improve their turnover of revenue and coach staff. NLP you can change habits and behaviours in yourself and others. NLP can help you to change your mental habits to follow those used by successful people. NLP enables you to add flexibility and effectiveness to your work and personal life, and improve the worth your life’s choices. Some Areas where NLP can help This is not an exhaustive list, just a few areas where NLP can help. Buisness Health Managing People Overcoming Illness Team Work Weight loss Anxiety/Depression Negotiation Allergies Education / Spelling Sport Improved Focus Smoking Childbirth Phobias Overcoming personal barriers to success Overcoming bad performances in exam etc…

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