Have fun playing our lottery whilst helping us raise much needed funds. It's simple and easy to play. Wells Community Hospital Trust

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Providing health & wellbeing services in your community

Providing health & wellbeing services in your community

Wells Community Hospital Trust 1000 Club

Play in our monthly 1000 Club draw and help us raise funds...

You can join by cheque or standing order (which we prefer as it goes straight to the bank). Once you become a member you will be allocated your own dedicated 1000 Club number which will then be entered into the draw each Month, You don't need to do anything. Lucky winners will be informed by post and winners will also be shown below.

Please contact us on 01328 711996 or admin@wellshospital.co.uk for more information, a form can be downloaded below:

Download 1000 Club Form

Recent Winners:

September 2018 Winners

1st Price: TBC...

2nd Prize: TBC...

August 2018 Winners

1st Price: Miss R Goulden

2nd Prize: Mr R Oliver

July 2018 Winners

1st Price: Mrs Garrod-Bowman

2nd Prize: Mrs Wilson

June 2018 Winners

1st Price: Mrs B Harvey

2nd Prize: Mr A Ferneyhough

May 2018 Winners

1st Price: Mrs S Edge

2nd Prize: Mr M Gates

April 2018 Winners

1st Price: Ms H Phillips

2nd Prize: Mr B Shipp

March 2018 Winners

1st Price: Mr R Gibbons

2nd Prize: Mr D Betts

February 2018 Winners

1st Price: Mrs J Collingham

2nd Prize: Mrs M Smith

January 2018 Winners

1st Price: Mrs A  Garnett

2nd Prize: Mrs C Starkey

December 2017 Winners

1st Price: Mr R Wilson-Stephens

2nd Prize: Mr G Belson

November 2017 Winners

1st Price: Mr M Perks

2nd Prize: Mr D Banham

October 2017 Winners

1st Price: Mr P McVeigh

2nd Prize: Mrs V Warne

September 2017 Winners

1st Prize: Miss P Bannister

2nd Prize: Mrs L Sutton

August 2017 Winners

1st Prize: Mrs S. Emerson

2nd Prize: Mrs J. Faire

July 2017 Winners

1st Prize: Mrs E Urquhart

2nd Prize: Mr A F Compton

June 2017 Winners

1st Prize: Mr M G Cooper

2nd Prize: Mr S Dodman

May 2017 Winners

1st Prize: Mr R Andrews

2nd Prize: Mr & Mrs Bowles

April 2017 Winners

1st Prize: Mr Vic Nierop-Reading

2nd Prize: Mr Terry Moore

March 2017 Winners

1st Prize: Capt. Alwyne Farquharton

2nd Prize Mr Clifford Andrews

February 2017 Winners

1st Prize: Mrs Sheila Sampson

2nd Prize: Mr Bernard Hastings

January 2017 Winners

1st Prize: Mrs V Moye

2nd Prize: Mrs P Baldry

December 2016 Winners

1st Prize: Mr G Pinney

2nd Prize: Mrs J Bingham

November 2016 Winners

1st Prize: Mr K Raisbury

2nd Prize: Ms H Birkett-Mconnell

October 2016 Winners

1st Prize: Mr P Lane

2nd Prize: Mrs V Borthwick

September 2016 Winners

1st Prize: Mr & Mrs Thompson

2nd Prize: Mr Butler

August 2016 Winners

1st Prize: His Honour Graham-Boal

2nd Prize: Mrs H C Jacklin

July 2016 Winners

1st Prize Mr Philip Lane

2nd Prize: Miss Ruth Goulden

June Winners

1st Prize Mrs Karen Holsey 

2nd Prize: Ms Cheryl Crawford

May 2016 Winners

1st Prize: Mr Anthony Marshall

2nd Prize Mr & Mrs Stanford

April 2016 Winners

1st Prize  Mrs J Wilson

2nd Prize: Miss Val Carpenter

March 2016 Winners

1st Prize: Mr Martyn Royall

2nd Prize: Mrs B Groves

February 2016 Winners

1st Prize: Miss D Bailey

2nd Prize: Mr M Hubbard

January 2016 Winners

1st Prize: Mr R Hannant

2nd Prize:Mr Gibbons


December Winners

1st Prize: Mr D Bilton

2nd Prize: Mrs S Holder

November Winners

1st Prize: Mr B Shipp

2nd Mrs S Dunthorne

October Winners

1st Prize: Mrs S Goldsmith

2nd Prize: Mr J Edwards

September Winners

1st Prize: Mrs J Faire

2nd Prize: Mr & Mrs J Stanford

August Winners

1st Prize: Miss R Goulden

2nd Prize: Mr D R Butcher

July Winners

1st Prize: Mr M Gates

2nd Prize: Mrs A Garnett

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