Your donation, large or small is greatly appreciated. Wells Community Hospital Trust

Telephone 01328 711996

Providing health & wellbeing services in your community

Providing health & wellbeing services in your community


Donations to Wells Community Hospital Trust, however large or small, are much appreciated and go towards providing the best local care we can for our community.

Online Donations

You can make an online donation here through JustGiving or Paypal:


In person or by post

To donate in person, please visit the hospital or send your donations and forms to:

Wells Community Hospital Trust
Mill Road
NR23 1RF

Gift Aid

To make the most of your gift, please complete a gift aid form so that for every pound you give we can reclaim 25p tax from the government. That means for a gift of £10 the hospital actually gets £12.50 - for a £1000 we get an extra £250. The gift aid form only requires your name and address and is at no cost to you. You just need to have paid enough tax to cover the amount that we will reclaim.