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Providing health & wellbeing services in your community

Specialised dementia equipment donated To Wells Community Hospital Hub



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RydaMablets were created by Andrew Marshall, from Learn Movement in Norwich, after his father had a stroke in 2005.

Upon looking for something to help his father regain strength, he found limited choices - so decided to create his own.

Consisting of a handle - the Ryda - and a movement tablet, the Mablet, the Ryda is moved along the grooves in the Mablet to stimulate brain activity and promote movement.

The RydaMablets are designed to help those with movement issues caused by neurological conditions, strokes, accidents or illness.

The equipment is thought to benefit users by improving muscle strength, hand-to-eye coordination, hand and finger dexterity, and cognitive processing.

The cost of the set was covered by Anglian Home Improvements.

The home improvements company became aware of the RydaMablets when Mr Marshall booked an appointment for a quote for new windows and roof trim.

Head of Anglian Home Improvement’s charity committe, Melanie McDonald, said: “We were fascinated to learn of the movement tutoring system and, as we already have a link to the Wells Community Hospital Trust through providing a conservatory for its dementia centre, we could see that it would prove beneficial for those who visit the dementia hub.”

In 2014, the hospital trust became a dementia hub with the creation of a dementia-friendly garden, carer’s room, dementia cafe and weekly dementia activities.

Samantha Taylor, general manager of Wells Community Hospital Trust, said: “Wells Community Hospital Trust provides a range of support services to help people locally to stay independent longer. Every month, the dementia hub provides support for over 60 people living with dementia and their carers through these various activities. Anglian Home Improvement’s donation of the RydaMablets will be a valuable addition to this community resource.”

The trust has worked to create a dementia-friendly community in the Wells area.